"A Melinda Virág and Central Europe Dance Theatre Production Premiere: 'Aldous Huxley calculated that the circle of the silence will annually be tightened by thirteen and half kilometres. The time, when the silence completely disappears from the earth, is not far. The circle of the intimacy will be smaller and smaller.

... The frame of reference in our life is the pillar and the bed. The pillar is the way up even stiffly up, the wakefulness and the vigilance, the mind and the day. Thinking means to be vertical. Lying on the bed means to be horizontal, to sleep and have rest in the equation. Pillar is like the individual.
...Nothing can be better understood than the effort with people the bed created and built cover over it because the house is the cover of the bed. Now the houses and the flats are mostly places without points to sit down because it isn't even a quiet place in them. There is fashion, bragging, hygiene but it isn't intimacy.

The bed disappeared, the resting place stayed only, but no one can neither celebrate the wedding, bear nor die there. The sleeping left the biological act over. We live without intimacy, the flat is hostel and it is sentimentality to be at home. We are cabin characters always on the way but nobody know where he goes and it isn't journey any more but traffic only." (Béla Hamvas)

The creators analyse personal questions whether we dare to be in silence or we escape from it to have meetings, onto the facebook, into the music or the washing-up. Can we listen to the voices coming to us, the cry, the laugh or the craziness in the silence? Where can we find the silence of our own?

Choreographer Melinda Virág
Performers Gusztáv Eller, Ádám Frigy, Zita Molnár, Nóra Palcsó
Costume Kriszta Lőrincz
Lights Zoltán Fogarasi

13, 14, 20, 21 APRIL at 7:30 p.m.

Bethlen Square Theatre
1071 Budapest, Bethlen tér 3.
Tel.: +36.30.378.5045; +36.1.342.7163"


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