Scientia Sacra, Golden Age and Apocalypse

"You are cordially invited to the opening of Jozsef Kofarago’s art exhibition, "Scientia Sacra, Golden Age and Apocalypse", on 22nd January 2012, Sunday at four o’clock in the afternoon. The exhibition will be opened by Mr. Geza Horvath, literary historian.

“Modern man first needs to wake up. For that he needs to reach back into the ancient times in order to be able to ask the help of the archaic tradition.” - Bela Hamvas

Mr. Jozsef Kofarago painter’s „Scientia Sacra – Golden Age and Apocalypse” exhibition is anomalous in the sense that the visitor can see an exhibition not only consisting of paintings, but also quotations of Mr. Bela Hamvas’s works creating an integral unit: the paintings encourage a deeper understanding of the quotations, and in turn the quotations provide a more in-depth understanding of the paintings’.

The topic of the exhibition has never been more important than now days. Our answer for the economical crisis might be a paradigm shift. The values/preferences are in crisis, the new values are being born.  If we are able to change/shift, then what is the right direction?

The exhibition tries to answer this question by summarizing the messages of the archaic nations based on Mr. Bela Hamvas’s unmatched life work.

Seeing the exhibition is beneficial for those who wish to assist the birth of a new, more humane, exalted reality.

We created this exhibition in the hope that the herewith summoned spirituality will penetrate our everyday life thus helping us to start our walk in a new direction.

On display from 22nd January until 19th February 2012
Music will be provided by: Mr. Gyorgy Martonosi – drum artist and by Mr. Tibor Hegyi – guitar artist

Szent Joseph House
1039 Békásmegyer Ófalu, Templom utca 20.
By public transportation it can be reached by buses No 186 and 143 from Békásmegyer HÉV station.
The exhibition is held based on Bela Hamvas’s successor’s approval.
The exhibition can be visited:
On Sundays: 9:45 – 11:00 am
On Tuesdays and Thursdays: 14:00 – 18:00 pm.
or by appointment (Mob: 06 30 9605 844)"

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